Our Story

"Redefining Timeless Beauty"

éPure promises to exceptional skincare treatment for the modern age women to experience the definition of timeless beauty and the keys to clear and supple skin.

Unlike any other skincare brands. we strongly believe time is everything. That’s because every second is precious. If given a choice, isn’t it better to get equally good or even better results with only minimum time? Faster and better results should be exact.

Our Company

Founded by Jennifer Liew in 2012, who brings along her vast knowledge from double degrees in Holistic Nutrition as well as Commerce in Marketing, and forms a formidable collaboration with Dr. Yulong May, Professor in Medical Science of Florida, USA, who has over 30 years of experience in cosmetic aesthetic.

Our Vision

To continue to provide “Minimum time, Maximum results” in all our skincare, and ultimately, being the only skincare leader where time makes us different.

Our Mission

To continue formulating and sharing our timeless beauty secret to everyone. ePure is timeless beauty at its purest.

Our Team

Dr. Yulong Moy

Professor of Cosmetic Aesthetics from Floria, U.S.A.

Our Moments #epureskin

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