For the modern men and women, 24 hours in a day is definitely not enough. Finding time to pamper and keep yourself in the best health and beauty condition is almost impossible, especially when you don’t even have an extra hour to spare! Even getting enough rest is hard enough...

éPure has finally come to provide you with a total skin care solution that will bring beauty and youth back to your skin. Clinically tested and salon formulated by éPure; the MEMBRANOUS JELLY MASQUE gives you all the benefits of a salon facial in just 25 minutes!

25 minutes is all you need to feel a difference. Bouncy, hydrated, fair and smooth can be yours, without even stepping out of your home!

Make your skin happy again with éPure Membranous Jelly Masque.

éPure is the brainchild of a reknowned skin-care laboratory in Taiwan with a history of 30 years; a project spearhead by Dr. Yulong Moy, a Professor in Medical Science from Florida, U.S.A., with a Degree in Cosmetic Aesthetic under her belt.

Professor of Cosmetic Aesthetics &
Emergency Medical Science
Seminole Community College
Sanford, Florida U.S.A.